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 "The New Dawn"

is a very young group

formed around the singers/songwriters/musicians

Jyoshna and Prahla'd,


They first recorded together in London seven years ago.

And althoug they tried to work together while Jyoshna was in NZ

it proved too difficult to achieve long - distance work.

So Jyoshna and Kavita returned to Europe and the UK in 2016,

to continue working together with Prahla'd who lives in France.


They share a deep love and respect for devotional songs

and poetry from Indian composers and mystics,

and while honouring the original music and lyrics,

are guided by their own personal experience and western sensibilities

to create something that is very accessible to a broad audience.


Through The New Dawn,

Jyoshna and Prahl'ad explore the many nuances of devotional love

and the desire to be of greatest service to all living beings.  


 They are surrounded of musicians

who share their love for the interpretation of Indian music:

Kavita (Khol and cymbals ...),

Amitabha (piano and keyboards),

Ciddatma (Bass),  ...


The group draws its influences in varied music such as

Indian music (Prabhat samgiit), classical music,

jazz-folk , bossa-nova, etc ...


 With a solid repertoire,

they are now preparing to record their debut EP called

" Who else will? ", in early 2018.


"The New Dawn" brings a western interpretation to the world,

the beauty and fascination of Prabhat Samgiit songs

by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar the foremost 20th century composer

of Indian devotional songs....


Prahla'd was lulled

by the music of his young age

by musician parents,

piano proffessor and classical music composer.


He began playing the guitar at the age of 16 and decided to make it his instrument. After a training in the famous CIAM Jazz school of Bordeaux in France, he played in many bands in Paris, Montpellier, Bordeaux ...


He then worked as a musical arranger, specializing in the rearrangments of an original master piece in another setting. His great influences in this field are J Mitchell, D Ellington, Carla Bley, C Koechlin, Q Jones,...

His musical influences range from P R Sarkar to J Mitchel, P Floyd, CSNY, Dylan, W Montgomery,...

Today he lives in France and shares his passions between music, herbalism,

yoga and meditation.


Jyoshna's song recordings

are like a personal diary of her

social/spiritual journey.

From an early age Jyoshna was writing and recording

her own songs and kirtans

and sharing them with the world.


Her most renowned albums are based on various themes, such as 'Sounds of Silence' (Sounds of God), 'Longing' (Romantic devotional love),

Red Earth Fusion (Rarh, India), Unity Hours I

and II (Songs on meditations, London),

and ReddishBlossom (songs inspired by Prabhat Samgiita).


Jyoshna also works as an ethnomusicologist

and her research on the praise music (kiirtan) of Rarh, India and New Zealand Maori,

is also a way that she endeavours to build a bridge of love and understanding

between indigenous people's music culture

and western academia

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